Hi, I’m Matt! I’m a designer/developer based in Melbourne, Australia. I’m always looking to help people out, especially when they’re starting up a business and venturing out into the world wide web. Having done this for quite a while now, I’m always fascinated at how fast the game changes. It’s to the point that something I’ll design today will be fundamentally “dated” in a few months. It’s for this very reason I’m glad my roots are in design – not development! I feel for all my full stack brothers and sisters…

My life certainly doesn’t revolve around design and development though. I’m first and foremost a husband, and I’m most happiest when I’m experiencing new places (and wineries) with her. I appreciate nature and love a good road trip accompanied by my camera!

I also hate watching people get ripped off and that’s why a big drive of mine lately has been reaching out to rural and country businesses and offering hopefully more affordable design and web hosting services. Thanks for reading and get in touch if there’s anything you need a hand with – I’d love to help!


Matthew Donker
Designer / Developer

+61 401 316 172

Please give me a call or shoot me an email and I’ll be in touch.